Societal data


Denmark is a leading country when it comes to (freely) releasing governmental data, and the partnership will have a particular focus on societal data already being freely distributed by government authorities or data that are likely to be freely available in the (near) future. The partnership will consider several societal challenges, while aiming at creating specific new products and services.

Case projects

Efficient (semi-automatic) identification of hydrological corrections

Integration of weather and ocean forecast/data with flood risk screening analysis      

Efficient recomputation of derived analysis due to update of terrain model

Flood risk screening based on integrated terrain model and stream data

Data-driven public administration           

Patient flow in hospitals     

Big data analytics for the City of Copenhagen     


It is generally acknowledged that Big Data collected about our society represent a tremendous opportunity to improve the operations of the society, as well as to create new products and services. The partnership including a number of government agencies that produce, distribute and analyze data, as well as companies that analyze data, will consider how these opportunities can be unlocked by using Big Data analysis techniques on societal data such as geographic data, company financial data, digital self-service transaction data, as well as utility data.