Educational Data


Based on a massive volume of educational data from the involved enterprises, regions and municipalities, we will use current and beyond stateof- the-art Big Data methods and tools to research and innovate new products and services. This will boost the quality, effectiveness and attractiveness of the Danish primary and high schools.

The learning portals Matematikfessor, Lectio and Clio Online collaborate with researchers in DABAI to use data in our education system. They use machine learning to predict drop-out rates from high schools and to adapt tasks to the students’ individual levels.

Professor Stephen Alstrup, Dept. of Computer Science, Copenhagen University explains in more detail in this video from the DABAI annual conference in March 2017:

Case projects

Optimizing personalized learning

Improving teacher insight and performance

Detecting ghost-written high-school assignments



It is a huge challenge to ensure that the Danish workforce is trained to guarantee an efficient public sector and industrial global competitiveness, and thus securing future growth and welfare.