Research, domains and case projects

While some questions in the core disciplines will be addressed using traditional research approaches, many of the main activities in the partnership will be orchestrated in a number of case projects.

A project will have a clear business potential and address challenges that can be met using the knowledge, methods and services of the core. Most of the initially defined projects fall within the three domains, but cross-cutting projects and new opportunities
are expected to appear during the partnership. A project will contribute to development of general software tools, methods and techniques that can be applied in the wider societal partnership.

Three computer science research themes

The focus is supported by the novel integration of research areas needed to develop efficient and effective solutions, techniques and tools:

  1. Algorithms for efficient processing of data
  2. Machine learning for data cleaning, analysis, and decision support
  3. Visual analytics to facilitate exploration and visual interaction with data

Combining this integrated research with the development capabilities and broad solutions portfolio of the core IT companies and the innovation competencies of the Alexandra Institute will allow for the novel dual focus on specific domain problems and general tool creation. With powerful and scalable tools being developed as Software as a Service (SaaS), the consortium will be able to solve specific domain problems.

Three application domains covering innovation activities

  1. Societal data - floot
  2. Food supply chain
  3. Educational - learning


Interplay between research and domain innovation

Our case projects will draw on researchers with the core skills as well as the domain experts from the domain companies. The interplay between the research areas and domain innovation is illustrated in this diagram.